Target group
This Engineering Upgrade Competence program is intended for ships’ engineer officers, who do not have enough education to become 2/eng or ch/eng and going to upgrade their national license on management level.

Objectives of the Educational program
This program allows participants to improve their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in accordance with required professional competences stated in Section A-III/2 of STCW Convention.

Gained qualification
Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer in accordance with Section A-III/2 of STCW Convention.

The program is certified by Latvian Maritime Administration and Ministry of Education of Latvia.

Duration of the training course
Duration of educational program – 6 month. The program should be completed for the period not more than 3 years.

Contents of educational program
The Engineering Upgrade Competence program covers the following 14 modules:

  • Marine Diesel Engine and associated auxiliaries (distant module) – 80 hours/10 days.
  • Marine Steam turbine and associated auxiliaries – 80 hours/10 days.
  • Marine Gas turbine and associated auxiliaries – 20 hours/3 days. 
  • Auxiliary machinery including associated system (distant module) – 32 hours/4 days. 
  • Thermodynamics – 64 hours/8 days. 
  • Applied mechanical science – 56 hours/7 days.
  • Electrical and electronic control equipment – 96 hours/12 days.
  • Automatics Control Engineering and safety devices – 96 hours/12 days.
  • Manage safe and effective maintenance and repair procedures (distant module) – 80 hours/10 days.
  • Ship construction and the theories – 49 hours/7 days.
  • Maritime Law – 52 hours/7 days.
  • Marine Environment Protection – 32 hours/4 days.
  • Leadership of staff and resource management in machinery spaces (ERRM course) – 40 hours/5 days.
  • Marine English language – 50 hours/7 days.

Distant Modules supported with developed theoretical information and practical exercises, which should be performed on board the ship.

Income requirements
To be assigned in Engineering Upgrade program, participant should present following required docs:

  • National Passport.
  • Seamen book (with not less than 18 month in engineer officer position).
  • Certificate of competence with endorsement.
  • Educational diploma.