Staff members and instructors of Novikontas are very happy to take part in Maritime Olympic Games 2017 – sport and family event for people in maritime industry, for the sixth time in a row! It’s an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with family, friends and colleagues in fresh countryside air. 
Like every year, organizers of the event – Amento, prepare something new and unexpected for the participants. This time it was an exciting Quest – an adventurous journey towards the tournament of Olympic Games. Clues leading form task to task, allowed team members to bound and get to know each other better before the main competition. Following the Quest, teams took part in main competition – Maritime Olympic Games. Sporty-creatively-logically based competition that didn’t leave anyone behind – teams were running and jumping, playing games, solving brainteasers, and many more. Teamwork and an open mind were two main conditions during the day of Maritime Olympic Games 2017.
Besides our long-term organisers Amento, we also need to thank sponsors and supporters of Maritime Olympic games 2017, who made the magic happen – initiator and general partner - Novikontas Maritime College, partners -seafarer’s bank DNB banka, Latvian Seafarers' Union of Merchant Fleet. Many kind words also goes to supporters of the event - @International International Maritime Sport Community - IMSCGarmin LatviaHotel Jurmala SPAPremium Medical.