Christmas Celebration at Maritime Quarter

Novikontas Team creating Christmas gifts

Novikontas team are the winners of the IMSC October Sport Fest 2017

Practical course on Varma icebreaker 

Basics of Safety Life at Sea

Work ar Height Practice

Interactive tour with Rinuzhu Secondary School students

Welcome Day 13.11

Meeting with teachers - career advisers

Welcome Day 29.09

Freshmen’s training is going in full swing!

Seamen-to-be in their learning environment

New seamen have completed study program’s “Maritime Transport” first stage

New craft has joined Novikontas fleet

Novikontas team summer adventures

Training Center of Novikontas Maritime College was re-accredited by the Nautical Institute

Training Center of Novikontas Maritime College became certified training provider of GWO

The second Novikontas Maririme College graduation ceremony 

The winners of "Simpātiju Balva 2017" at Novikontas

“Welcome Day” with Adazi Secondary School

Welcome Day 27.06

Cadet from Rīgas Jūrskola visiting Novikontas Maritime College

Welcome Day 18.05

Novikontas Maritime College networking with Alberta College

Novikontas instructors visiting MERITURVA for ERASMUS+ project

Novikontas Maritime College receiving the book "Okeāna saviļņotie"

Novikontas takes part in “VII bowling tournament between colleges 2017”

New firefighing system at training center of Novikontsd Maritime College

Welcome Day 12.04

Novikontsd Maritime College's technical manager Ilja Hlebnovs visited training center in northern city of Norway – Alesund

Instructor Aleksejs Malinovskis took part in the ERASMUS+ project

Janis Sticenko in Beijing, China

Modernizations in Engine Room Simulators 

"Twin island" container ship model joins Novikontas

Training center, review of course participants

Enkurs 2017

Happy International Women's day!

Welcome day 01.03

Novikontas Maritime College participated in the International Education fair SKOLA 2017 

Ēnu diena 2017

Mooring seminar and workshop

Students took part in trials of tugboat "FOROS" 

Welcome day, 11 January

Novikontas Maritime College sponsored “Ģimeņu čempionāts šahā”

Novikontas Jūras koledžas sadarbība ar LIAA


The first Novikontas Maritime College graduation ceremony

Handmade wreaths for our lovely clients and partners

Bored of Borders visited Novikontas Maritime College

25th anniversary of Lapa Ltd.

Novikontas Maritime College in Latgale

Welcome Day, 15 November

The 3rd place in IMSC October Sport Fest 2016

Bored of Borders ‘The Slowest Way to Rio’

Welding Laboratory at Novikontas Maritime College

Novikontas Maritime College in Valmiera

Jekabpils students are learning the basics of navigation

Lapmežciems primary school’s administration and teachers visited Novikontas maritime College

Novikontas at 140th anniversary of LMC

DP Re-Accreditation

Students passed the practical part of the course SOLAS on water

Novikontas Maritime College is sponsoring the Latvian delegation at the World Chess Championship

Jekabpils group start

Summer Academy participants visited Novikontas

Winners of "Night of the Museums family competition" visiting Novikontas

Novikontas team summer adventures

Studentu uzņemšana programmā “Jūras transports"

Studentu uzņemšana programmā “Kuģu mehāniķis"

Welcome Day, 6 July

Graduation of Novikontas Maritime College students in Jekabpils

Welcome Day, 8 June

“Sympathy Award” winner’s event

International visitors from Holland in Novikontas Maritime College

Maritime Bowling Cup 2016

Night of the Museums: Jurmala open-air museum

Welcome Day, 11 May

Welcome Day, 13 April

Enkurs 2016

Welcome Day, 9 March

Happy International women's day!

Novikontas Maritime College at SKOLA 2016 exhibition

Day of Shadows at Novikontas Maritime College

Adventures of "Bored of Borders" at Novikontas Maritime College



Christmas in Wonderland

New training course "Safe Operation of High Voltage Power System"

Working visit to Batumi, Georgia

Deputy Director of NMC Dmitrijs Semjonovs was elected as chairman of IASST

Novikontas Group Get Together event

Visit of EU Transport Attachés

Novikontas Maritime College at SKOLA 2015 exhibition

OPEN DAYS at Novikontas Maritime College



Handmade candles for our lovely clients, December 2014

Accreditation of Novikontas Maritime College

Teambuilding exercises for CSM Officers' Conference

Novikontas Maritime College at SKOLA 2014 exhibition