Safety and Survival at Sea -Training for Shore Based Personnel II

Novikontas Maritime College held a practical seminar “Safety and Survival at Sea -Training for Shore Based Personnel” on July 14, 2016. This seminar was designed and developed especially for the shore based personnel, working in crewing and ship managing companies, who want to familiarize themselves with safety aspects at sea. That kind of seminar is a great opportunity to discover how difficult and even danger seafarer’s work might be and the importance of proper safety training at sea.

The following companies’ representatives participated in the seminar: Gerwil, LSC, BGI, Entra, Anglo-Eastern and Hanza Marine Management.

During the training the participants performed lots of adventurous tasks: they used Fast Rescue Boat, learned how to use immersion suit and life-jacket and how to swim in it properly, did safely jump from a height into the water and also tried to turn over a Capsized life raft.