International Workshop "Maritime Innovation Race"

On 16th and 17th of June, Novikontas Maritime College hosted the international workshop – Maritime Innovation Race. The event sponsored by Region Blekinge/Baltic Maritime Science Park, Linnaeus University, Swedish Institute, Novikontas Maritime College gathered maritime students and academic personnel from Maritime Universities and Colleges in the Baltic Sea Region: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. 
Maritime Innovation Race goal was to develop new ways of conducting maritime education programs and trainings by using new technology, inventing new methods and improving communication within the industry. In 24 hours participants in mixed groups were developing new tools and concepts for education and training by brainstorming, commenting on each other ideas and shaping out the final version of their work. 
“I have to admit that am extremely surprised how many great and truly innovative ideas you all worked out in only 24 hours. How well you managed to explain the ideas to people of different age and experience. I hope it will inspire us – students and academics, to make maritime education the most innovative of all!”, - said Novikontas Maritime College Deputy Director Dmitrijs Semjonovs at the closing event of Maritime Innovation Race.