IASST Meeting and Seminar, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

From 21st to 25th October 2016, Deputy Director of Novikontas Maritime College and IASST Chairman Dmitrijs Semjonovs chaired the 69th International Meeting and Seminar of International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST). This time Safety Symposium was held overseas – in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and hosted by Shell Robert Training Center and Falck Safety Services Canada - major players in a field of safety and survival training in USA and Canada. 

The 69th IASST Management meeting gathered members from different continents: North America (USA and Canada), Australia, Africa (Nigeria), Asia (Japan and Taiwan), Europe (United Kingdom, France, Latvia, Georgia and Romania). Expanding the IASST membership was on meeting agenda this time – as four applications for membership were accepted during the meeting, and IASST is glad to welcome new members from Nigeria, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Russia. Participant also spoke on potential improvements, which can be made to the use of technology in making IASST accessible to members and public. IASST Management meeting was concluded with a tour on a most advanced Oil and Gas industry training facilities not only in USA but worldwide.

Traditionally during the Sunday IASST members with their spouses had a Sunday tour to see the best places in Louisiana. Delegates had an unforgettable Airboat Swamp tour.

During the last 2 days it was a great safety seminar where members and local experts had a number of exciting presentation that intensify a discussions on future initiatives in order to improve safety and survival training worldwide, stressing out main idea of the IASST to interchange of knowledge and experience between training providers on a global basis. 

69th IASST International Meeting and Seminar was concluded by ERA Priority One helicopter rescue training demo on the lake Pontchartrain, up close in the helicopter afterwards. Fast rescue boat evening trip followed by great food & company at Coquilles overlooking the river.

At present time IASST has 149 members from 47 nations. Within the Association there is a wide variety of expertise, which encompasses universities, nautical colleges and scientific institutions, as well as both privately and publicly owned safety training schools, professional organisations and manufacturers of all types of safety equipment. All of IASST members have a common interest in promoting and improving the safety culture of maritime personnel throughout the world.