IASST International Meeting and Seminar in Helsinki, Finland

From April 22nd to 26th 2016, Director of Novikontas Maritime College Aleksandr Chropenko, Deputy Director Dmitrijs Semjonovs, Training & Quality Manager Aleksejs Bogdanecs participated in 68th international Meeting and Seminar of International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST) held in Helsinki, Finland. 

This event consisted of four days of sessions, including the General Meeting, International Seminar “Focus on Maritime Safety”, Safety Training Tour and Workshop.
During the Meeting new Marketing Director - Paul Douglas from Survival Systems Limited (Canada) was elected, as well Russell Gray, representative of Warsash Maritime Academy (UK), was granted Honorary Membership of IASST after 11 years as the Finance Director of the Association. 

Aleksejs Bogdanecs, as representative of the IASST Project Management Team, presented the report about the activities held during the last period to support the Association in reaching its objectives.
Safety Training Tour, hosted by modern and highly equipped Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre, included introducing of the fire training unit, safety and survival training facilities and practical sessions using a variety of liferafts and survival equipment in the pool. Also participants had possibility to refresh their surviving skills in 6°C cold water.