EMSA workshop in Lisbon, Portugal

During 24-25.10.2016 the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) conducted a workshop on the Human Element, which was intended for the representatives of Maritime Administrations and Maritime Educational and Training (MET) Institution. Latvia was represented by two delegates: the Head of Registry of Seamen Jazeps Spridzans and Training Manager of Novikontas Maritime College Aleksejs Bogdanecs. The workshop took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main aim of the workshop was to bring together European Commission (EC), EU Member States, maritime education and training institutions, shipping industry and EMSA experts to discuss current and relevant themes in the following context:
• Availability of seafarers to the EU fleet and worldwide
• Attracting young people to the shipping industry
• Maritime education and training within the current international regulatory framework
• Changing scenarios and improvement opportunities
Many experts were contributing in respect of mentioned topics. At the same time Latvia has shared its experience in respect of the topics: how to improve attractiveness of seafarers profession, how to bring more new incomers to MET institutions and what actions already has been taken and which results they brought. Also, Aleksjejs shared experience in distance training of seafarers and work place learning used in educational programs of Novikontas Maritime College. Such contribution was highly appreciated by maritime experts, EMSA and EC representatives.

Novikontas Maritime College would like to share some information gained during the workshop and hopes it could be useful for people and seafarers work in maritime industry or study at MET institutions:
• Manpower Report 2015 Executive Summary: http://www.ics-shipping.org/free-resou…/manpower-report-2015;
• Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2015: http://emsa.europa.eu/im…/accident-investigation/items.html…, and
• European Marine Casualty Information Platform: https://emcipportal.jrc.ec.europa.eu