Baltic Maritime Technology Conference in Sweden

From 21st-22nd November 2016, Deputy Director Dmitrijs Semjonovs and Training Manager Aleksejs Bogdanecs participated in Baltic Maritime Technology Conference in Sweden. The event organized by Baltic Maritime Science Park and Blue Science Park, Region Blekinge, and Swedish Institute gathered 60 delegates from maritime companies, researchers, science parks and clusters in the Baltic Sea Region: Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
Baltic Maritime Technology Conference focused on exploring the strategies and technologies required to develop next generation capability of innovations in maritime industry. To achieve the goal, Conference invited national authorities, universities and industry representatives to provide updates on their future requirements and the associated challenges.
“It is obvious that here, in Baltic region, we have very healthy and strong research community that only require to continue its development and active work, the same way it is happening now” – commented Dmitrijs Semjonovs, pointing out that such events are crucial in promoting cooperative and innovative maritime industry research in Baltic region.