Baltic Leadership Programme

From 27th-29th January 2016, Deputy Director Dmitrijs Semjonovs and Training & Quality Manager Aleksejs Bogdanecs attended Baltic Leadership Programme (BLP) in Malmo, Sweden. 
BLP is a transnational training course offered by the Swedish Institute. The programme focuses on developing the Baltic region by bringing together future leaders and giving them the tools, they need to create successful cross-border partnerships, and provides a deeper understanding of what makes a successful EU project. BLP gathers participants from all Baltic Sea Region countries – Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Germany. 
Dmitrijs Semjonovs and Aleksejs Bogdanecs participated in Project Development Workshops, where they developed their idea into a structured proposal by working in international groups divided by their interests. Also, they took part in a specific session on leadership skills needed for working in and with network organizations. Along with participants form Swedish Coastguard, Kalmar Maritime Academy, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, Estonian Maritime Academy, Baltic Ports Organization and very many other organizations and educational institution, discussed each other’s project ideas and how to bring them to life through transnational partnerships and external funding.
Dmitrijs and Aleksejs presented their project idea, and it was chosen as a main workshop idea for their group, as well as Dmitrijs - a group leader. In Project Development workshops, their project idea evolved further by sharing group participants’ practices and different region experiences, taking into account advices from BLP seminars. Finalizing it as a structured proposal, ready to be launched. In fact, group members decided to start bringing this particular idea to life, as soon as they come back to their responsibilities at their organizations. Therefore, Baltic Leadership Programme was more than a seminar, but also a real great start for new intercultural collaborations!