The ASEM Forum of Lifelong Learning

Deputy Director of Novikontas - Dmitrijs Semjonovs is enhancing of Novikontas capabilities and experience on lifelong education at the ASEM Forum of Lifelong Learning: 21st Century Skills in Danish School of Education, Aarhus University in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The aim of the Forum is to explore lifelong learning in the 21st century and discuss its key concepts, opportunities and challenges based on the European and Asian experience and perspective. Participants of the Forum - representatives from all 32 European member states and 19 Asian countries, through lectures and practical workshops, will be focusing on 3 main topics: defining skills needed for lifelong learning in 21st century, realizing what are the drivers for change in the field of educational landscape, what are the differences between Asian and European learning cultures and what can we learn from each other. 
Learning and understanding new innovative educational models from first-hand European and Asian professionals will bring a weighty input into improvement and redesigning of lifelong education approaches at Novikontas Maritime College.