RIGEL seminar in Bremen

Novikontas Maritime College participated in one-day seminar addressed to Maritime Professionals and offered to Company Senior Tanker Officers and Company Management, organized by RIGEL SCHIFFAHRT in Bremen, Germany on 22nd of September 2015. 

RIGEL operates a modern fleet of chemical/oil tankers and our mission was to plan, organize and deliver a workshop on the subject of “RISK ASSESSMENT AND INVESTIGATING OF INCIDENTS” during this event. Our instructor covered all necessary aspects of the Risk assessment and Incident investigation processes to elaborate specific questions to the personnel involved in subject topics.

This workshop was related to different ship’s operations - planning, preparation, safety checks, paying proper attention to risk assessment, establishing a platform of incidents and data that can point to the correct root cause of the incident, which in addition with the involvement of all participants and utilizing the existing company forms, aims to establish a company standard as well as create a simple format of risk assessment, incident reporting and root cause analysis.