IASST International Meeting and Seminar in Halifax, Canada

The 65th IASST Meeting & Seminar held in Halifax, Canada, hosted by Survival Systems Limited on 26-28 October 2014.

Theme of Seminar was "Helicopter Underwater Escape Training: A Global Standard". The Seminar program focused on how to best prepare workforce personnel to survive a helicopter ditching / water impact. The program revolved around ten action items outlined by the Civil Aviation Authority Report CAP 1145. Specifically, the program addressed issues of skill acquisition, skill retention, fidelity in training environments, seating configurations, performance assessments, passenger limitations, and suggested emergency flotation systems. Delegates were from Latvia, Nigeria, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, Taiwan, Ireland, Finland, Norway, United States, France, Egypt and Belgium.

The IASST mission is: to facilitate the exchange of information on matters relating to safety in the maritime environment and to promote continuous improvement in safety and survival training internationally. The IASST aims to improve safety and survival training by sharing of best practice information between its members. Within the Association there is a wide variety of expertise, which encompasses universities, nautical colleges and scientific institutions, as well as both privately and publicly owned safety training schools, professional organisations and manufacturers of all types of safety equipment.