International Marine Simulator Forum (IMSF)

Aleksandr Chropenko, Director, Dmitrijs Semjonovs, Deputy Director and Aleksejs Bogdanecs, Quality and Training Manager represented Novikontas Maritime College on International Marine Simulator Forum (IMSF). IMSF was held in Turku, Finland on the 02-05 September 2013. 
This event consisted of three days of sessions, including the Annual General Meeting, Member Activities Reports and Presentations, Simulator Demonstrations, Technical Tour and Workshop Papers. 
The paper “Simulation Assessment as external and internal tool for Competence Assessment” presented by Dmitrijs Semjonovs and Aleksejs Bogdanecs provoking most interest, initiated many discussions and exchanging views.
Aleksandr Chropenko underlined that: "IMSF forum gave members a unique tool for the exchange of ideas and information through close cooperation of training providers, maritime organizations and simulator manufacturers. We found a professional peer review about our paper very useful for developing of a performance criteria for our students. Another aspect - is to be in line with last achievements in this field and to participate in the live discussions with focus on various aspects of using maritime simulators.”
The IMSF is an organization for professionals involved in the advancement of maritime education, training and research through the use of simulation. The objectives are to provide an effective medium for the interchange of ideas, develop performance criteria for the use of simulators and to collaborate with all other organizations involved in maritime simulation.
The IMSF was established in 1978. At The membership consists of nearly 100 members from countries in all continents.